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  • 3D printing
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    With Icad3D+ Solutions

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  • Get your organisation or product carbon footprint calculated!

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  • Create your business model based on 3D

    Icad3D+ and Web-based Configurator

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  • We boost innovation through research and turn it into business opportunities for your company

  • Join the companies committed to innovation


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  • INESCOP asiste al XIX Congreso de Adhesión y Adhesivos

    INESCOP se reúne con expertos internacionales en adhesivos y técnicas de unión durante el XIX Congreso de Adhesión y Adhesivos, que tendrá lugar durante los días 19 y 20 de septiembre en la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Previo al Congreso, INESCOP asistirá al Workshop "Adhesivos y sellantes para aplicaciones de arquitectura singular y diseño" en el que se dan cita las principales empresas fabricantes de adhesivos, así como investigadores de reconocido prestigio.

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  • INESCOP y RED 21 presentan en Futurmoda un escáner de materiales

    INESCOP y RED 21, bajo el concepto de "Digitalización industrial y conceptualización de producto",  presentarán en la próxima edición de la feria Futurmoda, que tendrá lugar en IFA (ALicante) durante los días 17 y 18 de octubre, un escáner de materiales. 

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  • Elda acoge el II Congreso Nacional de Calzado

    El Cluster Calzado Innovación (CCI) organiza, con la colaboración de INESCOP y FICE, el II Congreso Nacional de Calzado. El evento, que tendrá lugar en las instalaciones de la Fundación Ficia de Elda, el próximo 19 de octubre, tiene el objetivo de aunar los avances más significativos que ha experimentado la industria de calzado en los últimos años en cuanto a tecnologías, industria sostenible y organización, y aventurarnos en tecnologías emergentes que permitan la transformación de nuestro sector.

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  • REDIT presenta su libro en el Congreso de los Diputados y reclama más financiación para la I+D+i

    Durante el evento REDIT y FEDIT expusieron el impacto de los centros tecnológicos en la competitividad empresarial y en la economía ante diversos diputados y representantes del Sistema de Innovación a nivel nacional y reclamaron mayor financiación para la I+D+i.

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  • En busca de la excelencia en la Formación Profesional europea

    El desempleo juvenil, una mano de obra envejecida y la escasez de competencias se han convertido en algunos de los principales desafíos a los que se enfrentan los sectores de textil, confección, piel y calzado (TCLF) en muchos países europeos. Para intentar dar solución a algunos de estos problemas, 21 organizaciones públicas y privadas de 9 países diferentes se han unido en un ambicioso proyecto de cuatro años de duración titulado "Skills4Smart TCLF Industries 2030", financiado por el programa Erasmus+.

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We promote innovation through research and turn it into business opportunities for your company. That is why we develop our own projects and in collaboration with companies and other research bodies.

  • K4F


    Knowledge Platform for Transferring Research and Innovation in Footwear Manufacturing


    Innovative Training for Luxury Footwear Manufacturing


    Adapting the Methodology from the Danish Production School Model to Attract Youngsters into Technical Footwear Careers


    Skills Alliance for Comfort & Healthy Footwear Manufacturing
  • CO2Shoe


    Development of a Tool for the Calculation of the Carbon Footprint of Footwear


    Manager in an Efficient and Innovative Leather Company
  • pilot-ABP


    Pilot Plant for Environmentally Friendly Animal By-products Industries


    Demonstration of More Environmentally-friendly Tanning Products and Alternative Tanning Technologies


    Functional Textiles and Leathers by Innovative MLSE Process


    Desarrollo de una suela impresa en 3D con propiedades antimicrobianas para el sector sanitario y alimentario


    Promotion of the Best Available Techniques in the European Footwear and Tanning Sectors


    Recovery of Tannery Wastes for Functional Microencapsulated Products


    Fertilisers and leather tanning agents from animal by-products

At the sector's service




Our laboratories are certified by ENAC and we are the only accredited centre in Spain for certifying footwear for professional use


We promote innovation through research and turn it into business opportunities for your company


We are world leaders in the development footwear design and manufacturing software and robotics applied to production processes, with more than 2,000 installations in 39 countries


We give advice on functional design and analysis for footwear because we care about comfort


We are a world reference centre in adhesives research


We develop functional materials that contribute to the development of active footwear in order to meet the specific needs of the user


We rely on the best human and technical resources to respond to the environmental demands of the sector


We help you identify future possibilities and implement your business strategy


We believe that training is key to companies’ competitiveness




Many companies have benefited from our collaboration and advice on innovation and have been able to develop new products, processes or materials. Some recent successful examples in their fields are provided below.



    GLENT aimed at positioning its brand into men’s footwear market with bespoke and customised shoes. That is why they resorted to INESCOP and perfectly joined craft manufacture with the most innovative technology applied to the footwear sector, thus producing a high-end handcrafted product.

    At present, the firm has its own shop at one of the most prestigious commercial areas of Madrid and is fully involved in online sales thanks to the Web-based footwear configurator.

  • ARSUTORIA School

    ARSUTORIA School
    The renowned Italian footwear design school, ARSUTORIA School, chose INESCOP’s Icad3D+ software for training in their design classroom, which is integrated in their in-house factory. This makes it possible for students to produce their own prototypes, from the design stage to final production.

    Definitely a unique training experience!



    The LIFE OXATAN project was acknowledged by the European Commission as “the Best of the Best” LIFE Environment projects in 2012.

    Thanks to this project, a new tanning technique based on oxazolidine was developed, which allows, on the one hand, a reduction in the environmental impact, and on the other hand, the production of high-performance leathers with softness, fullness and flexibility properties that can be suitable for footwear, upholstery and leather goods sectors.

  • INGA3D

    INGA 3D

    INGA 3D emerged due to the difficulties that European footwear companies faced when trying to employ highly-skilled VET graduates in computer-aided 3D footwear design. For that reason, the project created a training material for footwear CAD and an online platform.

    Nowadays, both IED Madrid and the "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi (Romania) are teaching with this training material.